Santuario de San Antonio

McKinley Rd. , Forbes Park 3117 Makati City
P.O. Box 3215 MCC

Contact Person:
Ms. Susan
+63 2 843 8830
+63 2 843 8831
+63 2 843 8833

Feast Day: June 13

Parish Priest :Fr. Antonio Ma. Rosales, OFM

Brief Description:

Santuario de San Antonio was built by the Franciscans when their original church in Intramuros of Manila, was ruined by the ravages caused by World War II towards its end. As soon as the new santuario or sanctuary was constructed, a statue of Saint Anthony was transferred from the original church in Intramuros, which managed to resist the bombing effect of the war.

Wedding Fee:

P25,000 -- inclusion: sacristans, aircon, carpet

P500 -- for photo/video permit

P 5,000 -- deposit

Wedding slot



MONDAY-FRI 3 pm and 7pm


Mondays-Fridays 3pm and 7pm

Saturdays - 10am, 2pm, 7pm

Sundays - 2pm, 7pm

Reviews and Feedbacks from Previous Clients:

"Beautiful church. Ang susungit lang ng tao!! If it were not for the one handling the wedding inquiries, we would have booked this church. I earlier posted that I was turned off by this person's snooty attitude" -- Cindy & Noel

"we were told that there is a very "mataray" woman who works there called ms susan but we thought otherwise, turns out she's cool and the only reason why everyone think she's mataray is because she just want everyone to have all their requirements ready, which we think is just right. . . the ambiance of the church just floods in you. a very good choice of church. very much highly recommended." -- norman & marichel, 29 dec 2008

"The church is very beautiful kahit hindi na ganong marami ang floral arrangements. Nahirapan lang talaga kami ng husband k sa pakikipag-usap kay Ms. Susan kasi masungit at medyo makakalimutin." -- marj & lee, 17 may 2008

"Elegant interior, magnificent altar, just the right length of aisle to walk on. Air-conditioned, nice acoustics. Friendly and accommodating secretary: Ms Susan." -- pj & abi, 23 june 2007

"very solemn and very elegant . . .the church we have chosen is really beautiful and ecnhanting! Not not mention that its very clean, air conditioned, and with ample parking space. . . payment is just for the usage of the church alone, which it means excludes the priest, the flowers and the music, not to mention that you need an extra P500 for the usage of chandeliers/lights. . . they are quite stricy to take pictures outside the church." -- jake & gin-gin, 08 march 2007

"I have heard of the "infamous" Bernadette of SSA and how difficult she could be. Surprisingly, that didn't happen to us, considering that we had to change our wedding date three times. . .the church altar looked gorgeous in the photos! Also, the church chandeliers were absolutely stunning at night. . .the length of the aisle was perfect for the entourage/bridal march -- not too long, not too short." -- mike & pebbles, 27 aug 05

"Location: accessible to all our invited guests. . .Security: excellent, guards are visible, making sure that everything is in order and ready to extend assistance whenever needed. . . ample parking space. . . airconditioning and lighting: very good. . .Structure, interiors, altar: superb, very photogenic. . . expensive, separate payment for the floral arrangement, strict with regards to music, musician not included in the package, extra charge for the usage of facilities by the photographer/videographer, officiating priest is not allocated for non-parishioners like us, if you have a preferred wedding date, make a reservation at least one to two years ahead, most of the dates we like are full" -- anntonette & earl, 10 no 2005

"During the inquiry phase, I rated it as 7, if only I didn't love it, I will not marry in this church because of the notorious church secretary Bernadette who seemed to be so rude. It was quite hard dealing with her due to euphoric moods, but eventually she just became nice to us. From 7 my ratings boomed to 10, when she personally exerted her effort of looking for a priest for is barely 2 weeks before our wedding. . . Solemnity is very well felt during the entire ceremony. It was very well lit and what attracted me most is the traditional choir loft. . .perfect sound system, stained glass windows, big chandeliers. . .not all music can be played on some parts of the mass" -- yna & xean, 14 oct 2005

"Bernadette, the lady in charge of weddings at SSA is usually perceived as mataray, but when you constantly interact with her and she knows you na, she softens up naman. . .We also enjoyed our canonical interview with Fr. Tony, who is very pleasant and loves joking around. . . Has beautiful altar great for pictures, has a long aisle that's awesome for a dramatic entrance, ample parking spaces outside, roads leading to it are generally presentable, great acoustics with no ambient noise from outside, has a solemn feel to it, has airconditioning . . . Expensive, limited option of florists, schedules for weddings are limited, a bit strict with certain things like songs to be played or saying your own vows, and you have to book waaaaay ahead to secure the slot that you want because this church is so in demand" -- rhona & marc, 23 apr 2005"The Church is really lovely especially during Christmas with all the lights and decors in the altar. The ‘closed door’ prior to the bridal march gives a “dramatic entrance” effect. Since the Church is air-conditioned, our guests didn’t feel uncomfortable waiting. The place is solemn and cozy especially at night. The aisle is relatively long - perfect for a bridal march. . . Bernadette, the “notorious” parish assistant can be rude and intimidating especially to first time inquirers." -- matthew & eileen, 20 dec 2004

"A little pricey but it’s a beautiful church, with the comforts of air-conditioning. Bernadette, the lady-in-charge for weddings, may have a haughty disposition but can be quite nice and very efficient. . . You are limited to certain florists though, that may charge higher than the normal florists as part of the payment go to the church. Otherwise, you have a free hand in the use of the church." -- karla & adrian, 16 jan 2005

"it was perfect for us, perfect location, airconditioned and the fact that there was a (cheap!) reception hall on the church grounds that we could use sealed the deal for us. . .Contrary to expectation, it was quite easy to deal with Ms. Susan. Parang lang aburido minsan. Father Joel, who did our pre-cana seminar, was very nice as well. . .On the day itself, the church was very clean, very beautiful. No problemswith the people handling the wedding. . .They do not allow petals, poppers, etc., so we made do without this, instead we had the dove ceremony na lang outside, and then a "photo op" bouquet toss lang." -- ri & nel, 22 nov 2008

"Nice church. Nice dealing with Miss Susan (I know some of you won't agree with this). Long aisle. Very elegant church. Nice aerial view for pictorials. Dami lang requirements but thats fine with me. bawal daw magthrow ng mga poppers, confetti, petals even sa labas ng church. " -- nina & mervin, 08 july 2008

"One of the most beautiful church in manila. Air-conditioned, long aisle, nice altar and great lighting. . .One of the most expensive church also. 25k is not inclusive of flowers, choir, permits, lector and readers. " -- aims & ivan, 30 mar 2008

"The church was lovely and everyone was comfortable inside despite the intense April heat outside. Susan (the person in charge of weddings) was very easy to talk to and very accommodating. Only thing is if you plan to get married in this church, make sure that you have ALL your documents because they ask for A LOT. Seriously, this is one of those churches that have a lot of requirements as far as your paperwork so be prepared. Also, no throwing of petals allowed so we were stuck with bubbles for the recessional. Overall, very satisfied. " -- gwenne & ellie, 25 apr 2008

"Ms Susan is ok to deal with. She was helpful w/ the church requirements and was pleasant. It's just sometimes difficult to talk to her because she seems to be always in a hurry, especially over the phone. The church was very beautiful! No need for extravagant decors/flowers. It was simply perfect for us. closed door entrance, good sound system, aircon, beautiful altar and long aisle." -- marc & mia, 12 mar 08

"We chose Santuario because it's a pretty church and centrally located for most of our guests. Dealing with the church was a headache at first because Susan can sometimes be masungit and impatient, and sometimes she comes off as rude. But it improved as our wedding date drew nearer and by the time we did our canonical interview, she was already cracking jokes with us. For the church itself, it's beautiful, photogenic, and airconditioned" -- ira & regina, 26 jan 2008

"Susan was okay to deal with. She was always ready to entertain us and would answer any question we had. On the day of our wedding, I was surprised to learn that they asked for payment from our photo/video when we already paid this prior to our wedding. In fact, we were given a photo/video form which we had to surrender on the day of the wedding so that our photo/video would be allowed to set-up their equipment so I was kind of surprised to hear that additional payment was asked for even if receipt and form was shown to them. Also, I learned that people will give you certain things if the price is right...even in church... Prior to the wedding, we were told that it was okay to use poppers after the recessional. However, a memo was recently circulated, I think a few days before our wedding, that it was not allowed anymore." -- aissa & allan, 29 dec 2007

"Bernadette (SSA's official taray queen) and I had a rocky start at first, but fortunately, everything was smooth sailing after that. She was very accommodating and understanding--- sometimes even motherly when she expressed concern about how all the stress was getting to us. And even when we had to change our priest at the very last minute, she understood our situation fully and made the necessary arrangements. The only hitch was there was a wedding before us that extended way after the appointed time, but that's nothing compared to how beautiful our ceremony turned out to be. " -- pau & rach, 10 feb 2007

"SSA is beautiful! especially during the xmas season with the lights at the altar, white parols hanging on the chandeliers and the xmas tree by the entrance. these added to the "dreamy" effect of the church. it was perfect for us. we also didn't have any problems dealing with the administration (bernadette) when we are submitting our documents. we didn't feel rushed even though our ceremony was almost 2hrs (napasarap ang sermon ng pari namin, hehe). the sound system is also very good." -- lynn & lex, 26 dec 2006

"The aircon was turned on way before we started so it was already cool. The secretariat’s office was also easy to talk with. Even the day of rehearsal they had personnel to assist and he was there during wedding. Minus lang yung ibang ilaw na busted, di yata napalitan, pero di ko na napansin." -- jan & andrew, 19 jul 2003


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Metatronik said... March 30, 2011 at 6:00 AM

I am not soon to wed here pero when I read the comments natatawa lang ako sa masungit na nakausap ng iba. Kasi ako tumawag rin dyan sa Sanctuario nung minsan and I think yung masungit na babae ang nakausap ko minsan. I was working before in some wedding magazine as project coordinator so it is my responsibility to contact clients including the churches. It happens nga na sumagot yung masungit na yun tapos she didn't even bother to understand my inquiry sabay when I am asking something she is in sarcasm. I am talking to her as human pero she is talking to me in @$$hole manner.

Gilbert Ramos said... October 1, 2012 at 12:56 AM

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Garner said... March 20, 2014 at 11:11 PM

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Zonia Cruz said... July 12, 2015 at 11:36 PM

The church’s grand altar of gold and wood is a magnificent touch of the church’s 19th Century design that is accented by iron chandeliers that gives off soft lighting and homey ambiance.

For further inquiries you may contact the Santuario de San Antonio.

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